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Carroll County Education Association 2022 Election Endorsements on May 3rd


I have been waiting for this full list after the early articles written about Carroll County Education Association (CCEA) endorsements earlier in the day (Dave Reese and Tom Gordon).

Here is a list on the CCEA website on May 3rd:

CCEA’s Government Relations Committee and Interview Committee are proud to share their recommended local candidates for endorsement.

Our Recommended Candidates for Board of Education: 

Dr. Pat Dorsey—Dr. Dorsey has a wealth of experience in public education, identifies as a teacher and has been a strong advocate for most of her professional life.

Dr. Amanda Jozkowski—Dr. Jozkowski demonstrated a tremendous amount of experience with policy implementation and data analysis and could serve as a bridge to higher education.

MrTom Scanlan—Mr. Scanlan was a longtime teacher, CCEA leader, and continues to be a pragmatic and unflappable champion for public schools.

Our Recommended Candidates for County Commissioners:

 District 1:  None.

District 2: Mr. Dave Reese. Mr. Reese brings a wealth of experience in local government.  Additionally, education funding is one of his highest priorities.

District 3:  Mr. Tom Gordon.  Mr. Gordon has experience running a campaign and also demonstrated his concerns about local education issues, is willing to learn, and also defers to experts when appropriate.

District 4:  None.

District 5:  Mr. Ed Rothstein. Mr. Rothstein has shown that he is receptive to concerns around education and we believe that we can rely on his continued support.

Our Recommendation for State’s Attorney: 

Mr. David Ellin. Mr. Ellin is an experienced prosecutor and a firm proponent of restorative practices. He  has expressed a strong interest in reducing the “school to prison” pipeline as well as using his office to educate youth about the judicial system.

Our Recommendation for Delegate:

Mr. Dennis Frazier. Mr. Frazier has been a friend to public education his entire career. He taught in public schools (in addition to being a CCEA member), was a successful wrestling coach, and has repeatedly proven an ability to work across the aisle to “get things done.”


Some interesting endorsements. I hope to find out more about why they chose not to endorse candidates for Commissioner in Districts 1 & 4.


Here are associated social media post that have been seen from candidates (posts have not already been published in previous articles):


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