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Gas prices in Carroll County and Howard County are well over $4 per gallon


I was getting gas yesterday as was shocked at where gas prices are now. I paid $4.19 per gallon at the Royal Farms in Finksburg (in Carroll County). I went to an event yesterday afternoon in Hampstead and every gas station I drove by was also at $4.19.

According to AAA here is the National average gas price and the average gas prices in Maryland, Carroll County, and Howard County:

  • National average: $4.173
  • Maryland average: $4.192
  • Carroll County average: $4.164
  • Howard County average: $4.240

See all average gas prices by county here: https://gasprices.aaa.com/?state=MD

I posted my experience on Facebook and got feedback on other prices in local areas:

  • Station in Elkridge: $4.25
  • Station in Columbia: $4.30 (this past Sunday)

Here is a look back in time (again, from the AAA website) of gas prices in Maryland:

  • 1 year ago today: $2.786
  • Today: $4.192

Nearly $.059 in the past week is just a crazy spike in gas prices.

It does not sound like gas prices will be going down anytime in the near future and this spike in gas prices will raise the price of many items you purchase. See this post from this morning:

See tweet: https://twitter.com/ScottWykoffWBAL/status/1501135947156672516?s=20&t=LhS7Kgr80Z_iCEMYE7U-7w

If EVERY possible measure is not taken in the near future at the national, state and local level to fix this issue you can expect a great many changes (I am guessing) on the political landscape in this election year.

Scott E

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