Mount Airy: Election Day is May 2nd – Who will you vote for?

Mount Airy's critical town council election is May 2nd - Who will you vote for?

Together We “DISOWN” It – Board of Directors fled non-profit before community could learn...

Together We "DISOWN" It - Board of Directors fled non-profit before community could learn from scandal.|It also seems that the heartbreaking situation will not be addressed by the TWOI Board of Directors.  Rather than working to understand the utter breakdown of safety procedures or working to find ways to prevent this from ever happening again, they fled.  Within hours of the scandal breaking, most of the directors resigned from their positions, scrubbing their names from websites and social media. All in an effort to disassociate themselves from the catastrophe.  
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Citizens Report: County Commissioner Meeting – Feb 16, 2023

“We look at student safety from door to door.” Sheriff Jim DeWees
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Adult Drag Queen Show Open to Children Comes to Westminster

An adult drag queen show is coming to Westminster that will be open to children of all ages.

What was State BOE President Crawford thinking when he hired scandal-ridden Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury?

History would be made when State BOE President Clarence Crawford hired Mohammed Choudhury as Maryland Superintendent, but not for the reasons you think.|Former colleagues who knew and had worked with Choudhury during his days as Associate Superintendent in the San Antonio public school system said they weren’t surprised by what was happening in the MSDE.  “Complaints were filed against him in San Antonio.  He would railroad others, there were accusations of sexism.  His behavior is nothing new, makes me question the search process in Maryland,” said a source.

Former MSDE Executive: “Choudhury’s leadership puts Education Blueprint at risk”

A former MSDE executive close to the situation had this to say: “For me the worst thing about Blueprint is the leadership who’s left leading it.  They are effectively flying blind...Simply put, Choudhury’s leadership puts Blueprint at risk.”

$300,000 Organizational Study Suggests Carroll County Government Increase Pay, Add Positions; Anticipates Significant Fire/EMS...

“These changes are big. I have not experienced anything remotely comparable to what we’re suggesting here in my 28 years.” ~ Carroll County Budget Director

Fox 45’s Project Baltimore to Cover Informed Carroll’s Story on State Superintendent of Schools

The source, who has also spoken with Informed Carroll, has also confirmed they will be covering State Superintendent’s misconduct as reported last week by Informed Carroll, where the former executive and several other sources shared stories that described an organization in disarray.|Christ Papst of Fox 45 asks the source, “Had Project Baltimore had not done the story on those 23 schools in Baltimore City, with zero students who tested proficient in math, do you think that data gets changed?” “I think the data would have stayed the same.  I think they’re trying to hide that the public school system is in worse shape than what we thought.” said the former executive.

County Commissioners: Pinch Valley Road Decision scheduled to take place first week of April

Pinch Valley Road decision scheduled to take place first week of April

Frederick County: School district policies on sex, gender are concerning

A high school ordered the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir” for its library. Current Board President Sue Johnson found it “enlightening and thought-provoking" - it includes cartoon depictions of naked people engaged in sex acts, a vibrator, a depiction of menstruation, and the use of a sex toy.
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